The Almobarak

History of the Almobarak family in Arabia

        The Almobarak Cultural Center continues the long tradition of a commitment to education of the Almobarak family in Arabia. Originating in the Al-Ahsa region (now Eastern Saudi Arabia), for the past 300 years members of the Almobarak have traveled through out the region from Iraq to the United Arab Emirates and including Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, preaching and teaching about Islam. Even today, some 500 members of the family work in the field of education. The American representative of the Almobarak tradition is Omar Almobarak, the founder and president of Almobarak Cultural Center.

        Omar Almobarak was born in Saudi Arabia. After finishing high school he spent five years of studies in Great Britain. Omar Almobarak came to Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.A in 1983. He received his B.A. (Political Science) and M.A. (Criminal Justice) degrees from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). Mr. Almobarak traveled extensively around the world, visiting over 80 countries. Poetry, astronomy, carpentry, gardening, and music are among his many and varied interests.

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